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​We welcome the opportunity to train your employees, congregation, or conference attendees in the area of surviving an active shooter or violent critical incident.

Active shooter or violent critical incidents can occur anywhere and unfold very quickly.  The best way to survive such an incident is to prepare beforehand so you can react quickly and decisively. 

In the 21st Century, the threat that exists for us all in the form of an 'active shooter', 'mass homicide', or 'terrorist incident' is as real as a fire emergency or natural disaster.  Should you not be just as prepared?  When the incident is occurring is not the time to begin thinking about how you are going to react and survive.

Law enforcement and military personnel are the only people being paid to run towards gunfire or to confront an attacker.  Your options are few but simple; please consider allowing Warren to present to you, your employees, congregation, and/or conference attendees the practical survival suggestions recognized by the Federal government and law enforcement nationwide.

In an energetic and engaging 90 minute presentation, catered for your group, Warren brings over 30 years of practical, street experience to your audience.  He will frankly, and honestly, discuss suggestions that will get those in attendance thinking before an incident takes place, thus hopefully allowing them to be better prepared and able to quickly react should they encounter an 'active shooter', 'mass homicide', or 'terrorist incident'.

In addition to Active Shooter Awareness training for businesses and churches, we can work with any business or church on how to best 'vet' employees and volunteers in hopes of keeping your company and congregation safe.  Remember, a quality background check is the first step in staying safe; plus, hiring quality employees upfront helps insure a quality product later. 

Specifically for law enforcement agencies, we can provide practical training for first-time supervisors at the rank of Corporal and/or Sergeant.  For private security agencies, we can offer first-time supervisor training, practical crime prevention and response to critical incidents suggestions, and crime scene preservation training.  For the private citizen, we can also arrange conceal carry and self-defense classes.

Contact us today to get more details on what we can do to help you meet any training needs. 

Lastly, Warren is also available to speak to church groups concerning 'Faith & Politics' or 'Faith Behind a Badge'.