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Warren was the conservative candidate for NC House District 18 in 2020.  His campaign could be found on Facebook at Kennedy for NC House, where you could learn about him and his efforts to make New Hanover County, and all of North Carolina, a better place to live, work, and visit.  

Although he did not receive enough votes on November 3, 2020, to become the Representative for NC House District 18, he continues to fight for the betterment of the District and all of NC.

May God Bless North Carolina!

* Pro-Life:  Supports the Sanctity of Life, especially those born alive.

* Pro-Vida:  Apoya la santidad de la vida, especialmente aquellos nacidos vivos.

* Education:  Every child deserves the opportunity for a quality education.

* Educacion:  Cada nino merece la oportunidad de una educacion de calidad.

* 2nd Amendment:  Will not infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of legal North Carolina residents.

* 2da Enmienda:  No infringira los derechos de la 2da Enmienda de los residentes de Carolina del Norte.

* First Responders:  Will support full cooperation between all Local, State, and Federal Agencies; especially amongst law enforcement.

* Primeros Respondedores:  Apoyaran la plena cooperation entre todas las agencias locales, estatales y federalas.

*  Economy:  Lower taxes to inspire home ownership and business growth.

*Economia:  Impuestos mas bajos para inspirar la propiedad de la vivienda y el crecimiento empresarial.

*Health Care:  Will work to devise a plan that provides accessible and affordable healthcare to all North Carolinians - especially for our children & elderly.

* Atencio Medica:  Trabajara para disenar un plan que brinde atencion medica accesible y asequible a todos los habitantes de Carolina del Norte, especialmente a nuestros ninos y ancianos.

*  Environment:  Clean water & air is a must; our survival depends on it.

* Medio Ambiente: Agua limpia y aire es imprescindible; nuestra supervivencia depende de esto.

* Leadership:  As a fiscal conservative, believes in a common sense approach to leadership at all levels of government.

*Liderazgo:  Como conservador fiscal, cree en un enfoque de sentido comun para el liderazgo en todos los niveles de gobierno.